Kade’s 1st Halloween!

This was my first Halloween with a kid! Every holiday now with Kade is exponentially better than I ever imagined. It is crazy how you kind of just glaze over things after having done them for yourself the past 30+ years. But now with Kade every tradition and small thing has come back to life. Which is amazing but also exhausting hahah I loved seeing him check out the pumpkin, walk around in his skeleton outfit and enjoy some sweet fruits, no candy yet dude.

This year was a little strange for the obvious reasons, but we got him all dressed up anyways! I carved his pumpkin to say first halloween. We made a bomb snack table that included too much cheese, olives, chips and veggies! And we watched a terrifying Netflix original called The Ritual and I am very thankful to be warm on my couch and not out in some Swedish forest being hunted by a demonic “god”.

I hope everyone stayed safe and enjoyed their Halloween!

Love, Tasman

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