Pool Days!

Kyle’s family has a fun pool in their backyard. When we first started going out it had been out of commission for a while because no one was interested in using it. When you have a family of water polo and swimmers, the last thing they want to do is “have fun in the pool” in their free time. But Kyle’ parents got it all cleaned up and we have been going pretty much every single day!

I had signed up for a parent & me swim class with the city earlier in the year and was unable to take it due to COVID. I learned how to swim at the city gym with my parents so I was bummed when I couldn’t take Kade. But I am very thankful that we were able to have him in the water so much in a different way! He has been loving kicking around, chewing on pool toys and hates going under water…

Kyle and I met while playing water polo and swimming at Orange Coast College so the water is near and dear to our hearts. I hope that Kade loves it as much as we do, whether he goes on to play an aquatic sport or not, we just want him to have fun and be water-safe.

As you can tell from the picture below Kade thoroughly loves playing with Kyle! The weather has cooled down a bit and the pool is now cold so we won’t be able to enjoy these afternoons anymore at the grandparents house, so sad!

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